Navigate Exchange

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The Navigate Exchange, also known as NEX, is Navigate Power’s internal procurement platform that gives our commercial energy consultants access to the nation’s leading electric and natural gas suppliers. It’s the easiest and most transparent way to source competitive energy products at no cost.

Energy consultants utilize the NEX to compare competitive bids from suppliers by imputing commercial client information. The NEX analyzes the client’s energy utility rate codes, usage, and start periods to generate bids from a large network of national suppliers. Energy consultants analyze these bids to determine which supplier is the best fit for the client’s Energy procurement needs.

Why do Energy Consultants use the NEX?


NEX can generate bid proposals in little as 15 minutes for commercial accounts under 1 million KwH annually. Daily market updates allow bidding to take place in real time and with consideration of energy market volatility, making this strategy valuable to both suppliers and clients. For large commercial accounts over 1 million KwH, the NEX can take 3 to 7 business days to generate custom bids in partnership with our network of suppliers.

Monitor the Market

NEX monitors the market daily to ensure clients are receiving the best price available. All bids generated in NEX are based on accurate pricing of energy commodity curves which are updated every morning. With NEX our team is always readily equipped to provide you with the perfect bid.

One Stop Shop

NEX has been designed with the client experience in mind. NEX’s integrated platform allows energy consultants to access and analyze multiple bid proposals for clients in minutes. Once the ideal pricing has been determined contracts can be sent and signed via email, locking in the new rate and savings instantly.

Cost Benefits

Energy costs are a significant expense for many businesses, and NEX helps identify the lowest pricing options available, saving money and time. Consolidating the procurement process through the NEX platform arms energy consultants with the tools needed to create maximum savings for commercial businesses.