Energy Procurement Services

Navigate Power are leaders in the field of commercial energy procurement. We currently manage over 30,000 commercial energy accounts for our customers, with total budgets over $1 billion.

Energy procurement is a rather complex name for a very simple service. The goal of a procurement service is to find the best energy contracts for a business’ specific needs.

In addition to strategic sourcing of the best price for your energy supply, Navigate Power can also assist with:

The Navigate Exchange (NEX) facilitates our energy procurement services. NEX is a procurement platform that gives commercial customers direct access to the nation’s leading electric and natural gas suppliers. It’s the easiest and most transparent way to source competitive energy products.

Navigate Power energy services procurement is widely available. A range of different business types can benefit, including:

If you are not sure whether your company can use our services, please do get in touch to find out.

There are numerous benefits to working with a commercial energy procurement firm such as ourselves. These include:

In the best case scenario, companies who switch supplier will see a 30% reduction in their energy costs.

The exact amount your business could save depends on a number of factors. Your existing contract terms are important. The type of energy you require, and your projected future needs will also influence the total savings you can achieve.

The Navigate Power team will utilize our industry expertise and experience to get you results. We’ll ensure you achieve the best possible cost savings for specific circumstances.

Many businesses worry that the process of switching business energy suppliers is long and arduous. This, however, is not the case. The switching process begins after your last meter read. From there, it should take no more than two weeks for your energy to switch to your new supplier.

No. The process is automatic, so you do not need to worry about outages impacting your business.

  • Overpaying for your energy is an unnecessary cost burden on your business.
  • The savings switching provides allow you to better utilize your company budget. You’ll have more funds available to invest in other, beneficial areas.
  • Switching energy may allow you to enjoy the benefits of deregulated energy, if this is available in your state.

Energy Supply Management is a complicated venture that has many moving parts. Today’s energy outlook varies significantly from utility to utility, from month to month and across industries. Navigate Power’s market knowledge provides you with an avenue to energy price security and a variety of cost-saving options to help administer energy procurement and commodity risk.

From national companies to small business, our Energy Supply Management Consultants help provide customized assessments of supply-side dynamics based on contracts in place, the current regulatory and market conditions and our knowledge of future trends that could impact energy delivery and pricing. Navigate Power is one of the larger consulting companies in the space, and we help guide or services objectively to improve your energy management.

Energy Clients and Suppliers

Navigate Power is a national consulting firm that provides its clients the custom energy solutions and contracts that best fit their needs. We have established standards and expectations for our energy suppliers and have direct relationships with the nation’s leading retail electricity and natural gas suppliers.

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Navigate Exchange (NEX) is a procurement platform that gives commercial customers access to the nation’s leading electric and natural gas suppliers. It’s the easiest and most transparent way to source competitive energy products.

List of Electricity and Natural Gas Suppliers

  • Pepco Energy Services, Inc
  • Ambit Energy
  • Homefield Energy
  • Plymouth Rock Energy, LLC
  • American PowerNet Management
  • IDT Energy, Inc.
  • Public Power
  • AP Gas and Electric
  • IGS Energy
  • Realgy Energy Services
  • Clearview Energy
  • Illinois Gas and Electric
  • Reliant
  • ConEdison Solutions
  • Independence Energy
  • ResCom Energy LLC
  • Constellation New Energy
  • Integrys Energy Services
  • Santanna Energy Services
  • DTE Energy Supply
  • Liberty Power Holdings
  • Spark Energy, LP
  • EDF Industrial Power Svcs
  • Lower Electric, LLC
  • Sperian Energy
  • Encoa
  • Major Energy
  • Starion Energy PA
  • Energy Plus
  • MidAmerican Energy
  • Tara Energy
  • Entrust Energy
  • NextEra Energy Services
  • Think Energy
  • FirstEnergy Solutions
  • Nicor Electric
  • Verde Energy USA
  • FTR Energy Services
  • Noble Americas Energy Solutions
  • Viridian Energy PA LLC
  • GDF Suez Energy Resources
  • North American Power
  • Xoom Energy Illinois, LLC
  • Green Mountain Energy Company
  • Oasis Energy
  • Dominion
  • Hiko Energy
  • Palmco Power
  • Direct Energy Business
  • Source Energy
  • A Plus
  • AEP
  • Agera
  • American L & P
  • Amerigreen
  • Capital Energy
  • CenStar
  • Centerpoint (Gas)
  • Champion
  • Crius Energy
  • Direct Energy
  • Dominion (Gas)
  • Dynegy / Homefield
  • Eligo
  • Energy Me
  • Engie
  • Entrust
  • First Point Power
  • Freepoint Energy Solutions
  • Gasearch
  • Green Mountain
  • Great Eastern Energy
  • Guttman Energy (gas only)
  • Hudson Energy
  • IGS Energy
  • Infinite Energy
  • Elegio Energy
  • Major Energy
  • MC2
  • MidAmerican
  • Mint Energy
  • MP2
  • Nordic
  • Oasis/ Spark
  • Plymouth Rock
  • Pro Energy
  • Reliant
  • Santanna
  • SFE Energy
  • Snyder (gas)
  • Source Power
  • Sprague
  • Supreme
  • Star Gas & Electric Holding LLC
  • Summer Energy
  • Tiger Natural Gas
  • TriEagle
  • Twin Eagle
  • Tylex
  • Volunteer
  • Washington Gas and Electric
  • Woodruff Energy
  • YEP Energy

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