what is energy Procurement?

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We are leaders in Energy Procurement – a complex name for a simple concept. We find the best energy contracts for your company’s specific needs, based on our industry experience and access to leading suppliers. We then source a contract offering better value for your money and lower operating expenses.


In the US, the difference between regulated and deregulated energy markets vary depending on the state. Deregulated states allow energy suppliers to compete in offering energy services to consumers.

Regulated Gas & Electricity markets

deregulated Electricity markets

deregulated gas markets

deregulated gas & electricity markets

Case Study

Liebovich Steel &
Aluminum Company has
been producing quality
metal products for over
60 years.

Located on 50 acres in Rockford, Illinois,
Liebovich’s 500,000 square foot service
center employs over 300 qualified and
highly motivated individuals.

Liebovich’s state-of-the-art facility is fully
equipped to provide high-definition plasma
cutting, precision plate and sheet
shearing, flame cutting, grinding stress
relieving and saw cutting.

Liebovich experienced
dramatic swings in
electricity and natural
costs due to weather
and market volatility.

Their energy supplier hadn’t contacted them
in over 18 moths, leaving Liebovich with
questions about their energy options.

Navigate Power helped execute a
36-month, multi-hedge fixed rate
electricity, allowing Liebovich to
take advantage of immediate
savings and long-term budget
in an effort to reduce
marketing volatility.

This on the heels of a full review of Liebovich’s usage history and energy savings agreements. Natural gas is a major input for Liebovich’s process. Navigate Power helped time the natural gas market, and secure a 16-month fixed rate natural gas agreement, delivering immediate savings and budget certainty.


Increased reporting & market updates

$31,900 in
annual savings

$95,700 in
term savings


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