McHenry Athletic Complex - Case study - Lighting solutions - 67% reduction in energy consumption

Energy Consultant is a relatively new profession in the energy industry. After analyzing a business’ energy consumption, the energy consultant’s goal is to make the business more energy efficient by reducing the amount of energy used in order to run the business and the environmental impact of that energy use. For many businesses, the primary reason to increase efficiency is that less energy usage results in less money spent annually.

Importance of Energy optimization:

Still, even in abstract terms, we can say that optimizing energy use is important in business practice because using any more energy than necessary is considered a waste of resources. Once a business nails down its core operations, it can better identify exactly how much energy is required to run those operations. Optimizing energy, in this way, is a lot like determining how many employees you will need or how many hours a day your business must run to turn a profit. Once you know how much energy your business requires you might be able to adjust it to make it more ‘efficient,’ by seeking greener and even less wasteful energy solutions. Greener energy solutions may also mean alternative energy sources with less environmental impact. However, it’s possible that you aren’t familiar with methods to increase energy efficiency in your business. This is where a consultant comes in.

Energy consultants can work for a large or small business with a wide range of energy demands. At times, the incentives financial incentives of energy efficiency are the best way for consultants to get their foot in the door of a new client. Energy consultants research what tax benefits are available for certain business to help cut costs and increase a client’s energy efficiency. They may also help negotiate a better energy rate for gas and electricity by shopping it around to different energy suppliers. As you can see, energy consultants can optimize a business’ energy usage in multiple different ways which end up providing noticeable cost savings.