Energy Sourcing and Renewables

Navigate Power’s

Energy Sourcing Services

Navigate Power acts on your behalf to find the most suitable energy provider, based on your needs. We do all the legwork, including collecting data, analyzing it, sending it to energy providers and suppliers, and getting pricing information from them. At the end of the process, you’ll get a list of pricing and product options submitted by various suppliers, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs. Energy sourcing, therefore, helps establish trends in the market and forecasts price changes, putting control firmly back in your hands.

Navigate Power’s

Renewable Energy Services

Organizations are moving increasingly towards the use of renewable energy sources. Navigate Power is committed to providing renewable energy solutions through its two sister companies, RxSun and Verde Solutions.

RxSun focuses on the consumer side of the market, installing residential solar energy solutions. Verde Solutions works with commercial and industrial businesses like yours to create comprehensive, cost-effective energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions. Verde Solutions initially focused on energy reduction (LED lighting, HVACR, and controls) and with a dedicated focus on sustainability, added energy generation solutions including solar and CHP (combined heat and power).

Our renewable
solutions include:

  • Residential and Commercial Solar
  • Energy Storage
  • CHP
  • Solar Structures
  • Peak Demand Reduction Strategies
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