Energy Bill Auditing

What Is Energy Bill Auditing?

Energy bill auditing is the process of going through your energy bills and looking for potential sources of error or opportunities for you to collect refunds. Mistakes and discrepancies could include problems with energy coding, the tax rates you pay, and usage – the energy company may be charging you for more energy than you use

Get Audit Refunds With Navigate Power

Navigate Power is an energy consulting company with strong links to national energy providers. Thanks to our network of suppliers and close working relationships with firms in the energy sector, we can secure audit refunds for our clients. 

Our audit refund service begins with a Letter of Authorization allowing National Utilities Refund to gather your billing history. Next, a professional auditor will review your bills to determine whether there are any refund opportunities available. We then work directly with the utility provider to ensure that future bills are error-free while any refunds recovered are sent directly to you. 

Find out more about our impressive audit refund service here.

Energy Efficiency Auditing

With climate change and tightening budgets, companies need energy efficiency services more than ever before. A trusted energy partner has the knowledge and expertise to help organizations reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Energy efficiency measures, such as upgrading to LED lighting, help by reducing the amount of energy consumed thus reducing energy costs. Energy efficiency services decrease the amount of energy consumed without negatively impacting a company’s productivity. Navigate Power’s sister company Verde Solutions offers these services and is a turn-key, full-service energy efficiency consulting firm.