Energy Rate Analysis

What are Energy Rates and how they impact your business?

Energy rates are the fees you pay to energy providers in exchange for energy to run your business. There can, however, be a difference between the energy rates that you pay and the prevailing rate in the market. Market rates may be lower than the prices that you typically pay to the energy provider, cutting into your potential profitability

What is Energy Rate Analysis?

Energy rate analysis involves monitoring your current energy usage and the utility rates you’re being charged and then looking to see whether there are better deals out there that could save you money. Energy rate services help you negotiate with multiple suppliers to find a better deal, even if you’re happy with your existing provider.

An Energy Consultant can provide a savings rate analysis which details a full breakdown of the money that you could save with an energy rate analysis service. Getting an energy professional to perform a full audit of your energy bills is the only way to know whether you’re cutting energy costs to the fullest extent possible.

How to get the best energy deals by using Navigate Power

Navigate Power is one of the largest energy consulting firms in the US and works with more than 33,000 clients. Thanks to our close relationships with national energy suppliers, we’re able to negotiate the most competitive rates for you – something that can only be achieved by partnering with us. Contact us today to find out how much you can save.