Energy Market Intelligence

What Is Energy Market Intelligence?

Energy market intelligence is the process of gaining real-time insights into the behavior of prices in the energy market and then using that information to your advantage. Developing greater insight into the action of the market helps to inform your energy strategy and increase your firm’s competitiveness. 

With energy market intelligence, you can develop contingencies and answer “what if” questions based on a variety of energy market scenarios. Being informed of major (and minor) trends can help you predict how changes in the energy market will affect your organization through both direct and indirect channels. 

How Does Navigate Power Use Energy Market Intelligence?

Navigate Power provides insight into the entire energy value chain, including understanding major trends shaping energy demand globally, the economic and political factors affecting upstream energy supply, downstream regulations, sustainability and the interaction of various energy markets, including LNG and gas. We gather and analyze the data for you and provide actionable insights that you can use to identify opportunities, reduce your risk exposure, and validate your energy strategy

How Navigate Power Works For You

Navigate Power works on behalf of your energy needs. We provide market updates, and incorporate new information into your analysis, strengthening your market intelligence. We also track regulatory changes in the energy sector, keeping you up to date on all the latest compliance changes and how these may impact price and volume.