Energy Deregulation In Ohio

In early 1999, Ohio’s significant energy needs were fulfilled by Investor-Owned Utilities (IOUs). These investor-owned utility companies were responsible for about 91% of the entire state’s energy requirements. The four largest energy companies accountable for energy supply (generation, transmission, and distribution) at that time were:

  • AEP Ohio
  • Dayton Power and Light
  • Duke Energy
  • First Energy

Before deregulation, people had no power of choice to make their own choices for their energy suppliers. But this changed drastically once deregulation came into play.

The different energy markets in Ohio

  • Ohio produces 3% of the total electricity in the US
  • It also provides 3% of the total coal resources in the US
  • It produces less than 1% of the total crude oil in the US
  • Ohio produces 3% of the total ethanol in the US

The history of electric deregulation in the state of Ohio 

All the energy requirements of the state of Ohio were fulfilled by the IOUs present at that point. But then, in July of 1999, Senate Bill 3 was passed, which gave customers the right to choose their energy suppliers and distributors. This law came into effect in 2001, after which people were free to choose their own energy distributors, suppliers, and the plans that suited their energy needs the best.

While residents can still receive electricity through their local utilities, they get the advantage of also comparing and choosing among different individual energy providers. A survey from 2014 showed that over 59% of the citizens of Ohio had opted out of IOUs, and switched to independent energy suppliers.

What are the advantages of choosing deregulated energy?

There are certain other advantages, such as: 

  • You end up saving a lot of energy

When the energy market is deregulated, you get the chance to reduce your gas and electricity bills. Be it for homes or businesses, a lot of energy can be saved in a deregulated market.

  • You can choose between many flexible rate plans

You can reach out to an energy consultant such as Navigate Power and request that they request competitive bids from energy suppliers in our area.

  • You don’t have to worry about an interruption in your services

When you are switching from one provider to another, you need not be concerned about the disruption in your services. You will not have to spend a day without gas or electricity.

  • You can support more environmentally-friendly options

With the new deregulation laws, you can choose to put your money towards renewable energy like solar and wind energy.

  • Benefits the community in the long run

This approach also supports small local energy businesses, which makes for a stronger and more prosperous community.

Who are the different energy providers in Ohio?

Since the passing of the energy deregulation law, many different energy companies have come up in the recent past. Some of them are:

  1. AEP
  2. Duke Energy
  3. Ohio Edison
  4. Toledo Edison
  5. Dayton Power And Light
  6. Dominion East
  7. Dominion West
  8. Illumination Corp
  9. Columbia Gas
  10. Vectren
  11. Constellation Energy
  12. Xoom Energy
  13. Frontier Utilities
  14. Clearview Energy

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