Energy Deregulation In Massachusetts

What is the energy deregulation situation in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts has changed its energy policies in 1998.   This change in policy resulted in a massive movement of energy autonomy, and the power of decision was placed into the hands of the consumers.  The residents of Massachusetts could now choose their own energy providers and decline the energy services offered by the state. This policy lets people choose a service provider that best suits their needs, and this allows them to pay only as much as they want to for the power they consume. They now have the power to turn down the services provided by the local utility supplier.

Since the passing of the deregulation of energy law, about 150 different electric companies have popped up. This offers the citizens of Massachusetts a lot of choice on the energy plans, and also creates more employment and a sense of healthy competition. Energy providers need to offer some special perks so that customers will be drawn to them and not their competitors. These 150 different electric companies offer a variety of different plans, and some are long term plans for people who are seeking more long term energy solutions, others are short term plans for people who are constantly on the move and need something that is not so permanent.

Since the deregulation of energy in Massachusetts, there has been an increased number of renewable energy companies, which means that people can now opt for an eco-friendly alternative for electricity and work on reducing their carbon footprint. No matter what your energy requirements are, you can easily find a company that can fulfill your needs and gives you what you need, no questions asked.

Residents of the state that are situated in areas that are not deregulation friendly still struggle for decentralized energy services, but over 2.5 million people now have the choice to pick their own energy providers. All you need to do is find out the different energy companies in your area, check out their plans and subscribe to one which best suits your energy and electricity needs.

What are the different benefits of having deregulated energy?

There are many different benefits and reasons why people should opt for deregulated energy. Some of the main benefits are:

Long term savings

By paying for only the services you need, you end up saving a lot of money. 

Renewable energy choices

Since the deregulation of energy has come into the picture, energy companies have started to explore the idea of renewable and green energy. These companies help more environmentally conscious consumers reduce their carbon footprint, and also helps reduce carbon emissions.

Ability to switch energy service providers as needed

When you are switching from one energy provider to another, you don’t have to worry one bit about an interruption in your services. 

Get in touch with a reputed energy procurement service like Navigate Power, let them help you review the different energy companies and the plans and rates they have to offer, select one that best fulfills your needs and voila! You can switch your energy company just like that without an interruption in your services.

Customer service

Since so many energy companies have developed since the energy deregulation law, the competition to provide the best customer service has also increased. The better the customer care services are, the more consumers will be drawn to the company, giving them more business.

Different energy providers in Massachusetts

Since the law for energy deregulation got passed in Massachusetts in 1998, many electricity and energy companies came into existence. About 150 different companies or more have set up their base in Massachusetts and continue to attract consumers who wish to get deregulated energy for their homes and businesses. Contact Navigate Power at [email protected] to learn more about some of the most popular energy companies.  

  1. Constellation Energy
  2. Direct Energy
  3. Public Power
  4. Xoom Energy
  5. Clearview Energy
  6. Provider Power
  7. Agera Energy LLC
  8. Ambit Energy 
  9. Astral Energy
  10. Champion Energy Services
  11. CleanChoice Energy
  12. Discount Power
  13. Eligo Energy
  14. Energy Plus Holdings LLC
  15. Engie Resources Inc
  16. Green Mountain Energy Company
  17. First Point Power LLC
  18. Halifax American Energy Company
  19. Harborside Energy
  20. Hudson Energy Services LLC
  21. Liberty Power Holdings LLC
  22. Mint Energy LLC
  23. Oasis Power LLC
  24. Perigree Energy LLC
  25. Renaissance Power and Gas Inc